Your STORY isn't a template.

Your film shouldn't be either.

Films by KEJ are set apart from the rest.

This is how we get there.

We actually want to know who you are.

If our films feel personal it’s because they are. If it feels unique to the couple it’s because it is. The way we’re able to deliver films that feel this way is because we know YOU and you know US. We deliver heirloom films that are deeply personal, and for them to feel that way we encourage true connection -a friendship if you want to call it that.

It’s your wedding not a film set and we respect it as such.

Anyone can make something look beautiful if it’s staged. But here at KEJ we want things to FEEL just as beautiful as they look and we do that by capturing real, authentic, unscripted moments. We just want you to be in the moment and will facilitate the space around you so you feel safe in it. We’re there to capture your moment, whatever that may be. Whether it’s you quietly taking your last few deep breaths before walking down the aisle or dancing up a storm with your bridesmaids in the bridal suite. We’re there to capture the day unfold. We’re not there to direct it.

Our couples know and trust us.

Vulnerability is beautiful and encouraged here. You can let loose. You don’t have to censor. You don’t have to hide while our cameras are rolling. You don’t ever have to worry about us or performing for our lenses. That goes for you, your love, your family, and your guests.

True, authentic storytelling