April 25, 2019

The Wedding of Hannah + Jordan at the Acre

It wasn’t too long ago Kaleb received a call from Jordan saying, “Hey man,… eh… I’m not sure if you were joking last night about a job with KEJ, but if you weren’t… ” Immediately after hanging up Kaleb met me in the office saying, “Bvsi just called me asking for a job.” I think I responded with something to the effect of “I mean, yea. When does he want to start?” Jordan began working with us no later than 5 days after that call.

When we look back at that moment we all laugh about how seemingly out of character those moves were for each of us. Kaleb offering a job that didn’t exist. Jordan boldly asking for a job. Myself agreeing to hire someone in literally 3 seconds. Not to get too deep but we also marvel at the timing in all of this. The whole season of his engagement to Hannah, beginning work with KEJ, and ultimately Hannah and Jordan’s marriage is so divine. I don’t know every intricate detail of Hannah and Jordan’s love story but I can tell you this: God sees, cares, and loves us and He’s without question involved in the details of our lives. Every time I think of Hannah and Jordan I’m reminded that God delights in giving good gifts to His children. I clearly see the gift that Hannah and Jordan are to each other, and their friendship is a massive gift to us personally and to everyone around them as clearly seen in this film.

It is with utter joy and excitement in our hearts we share Hannah + Jordan’s wedding film with you.