May 21, 2018

The Doctors Orija’s Nigerian Wedding Celebration | Bella Collina Club

We didn’t hire a videographer for our wedding so as we edit films for KEJ, we often ask ourselves “if this was my wedding, what would I want my videographers to highlight?” That question always steers us in the primary direction for the film. That question constantly lures us towards authenticity and honesty. That question often pushes us towards “moments” rather than the produced.

The process of editing this film is one we won’t soon forget. We spent a significant amount of time researching traditional Nigerian culture, listening to African music, African drums specifically, for hours, days really. We then spent several more weeks editing and mixing, swapping moments here, there. It was a process through and through, but an important one because I feel as though it solidified and amplified our commitment to the type of films we not just want to make, but feel called to make. We felt a huge responsibility to highlight their culture and their faith. It had to look and feel like what it was like to experience, in person, the union of Sade + Biodun.

The wedding of Sade and Biodun is unquestionably one of the most spectacular events we’ve ever documented. Apart from being visually stunning in every way, there were multiple poignant and powerful moments. Indeed, some of the most powerful moments we’ve experienced behind the camera. Sade + Biodun’s wedding weekend began with a traditional Nigerian wedding that was, in a few words, powerful, emotional, loud, and infectiously joyous.  Us, along with the massive talent of vendors, concluded the weekend at Bella Collina for what was truly a stunning affair.

Sade and Biodun are kind, generous, deeply rooted in faith, family, and heritage. We were beyond humbled to be trusted with capturing this weekend. We will remember their wedding celebration for a lifetime.

Video: KEJ Productions
Amercian Wedding Venue: Bella Colina
Traditional Wedding Venue: Westin Lake Mary
Planning: Wedding’s Unique
Photo: KV Photography
Bridal Boutique: The Collection Bridal
Bride’s Hair/Makeup: Crystal-Eyez Makeup & Beauty Lounge
Bridesmaid Hair/Makeup: Jasmine Doublette Hair and Makeup
Floral/Rentals: Greenery Productions
Cake: Sofelle Cake Artistry
Babysitting: Kidz Night Out
Music: DJ Gary Brooks