May 25, 2018

Katie + Michael’s Destination Wedding – Isabela, Puerto Rico

I don’t think we quite have the words to say just how much we loved this wedding. It was everything. Just everything.

Katie + Mike are the perfect example that young love never has to grow old or stale. Though they’ve been together since young teenagers, thirteen years folks, they look at each other with an intensity that makes you think they met and fell in love 3 months ago. It’s such an awesome thing to witness and capture. The several portrait sessions we had with them were so easy and undirected that it didn’t even feel like we were working. We would literally turn on our cameras and magic would unfold in front of our lens.

After Hurricane Irma rocked Puerto Rico, I immediately sent Katie an email. It took a couple weeks to hear the venue was still standing, including a 2 hour car ride and some drone footage to check out the coast line. I loved Katie, Mike, and their entire family’s determination to continue planning the wedding in Puerto Rico.  That determination seemed to be the theme of their wedding story. They did exactly what they wanted and everything was brilliant because of it. Beautiful backdrop of Isabela despite the storm? Check. Cigar roller? Check. Day after water balloon fight? Check. Ridiculously large foam hat after party? Check. Are we jumping in the pool? BOOM. Check. It SCREAMED Michael + Katie, as Mike’s brother so simply put. It was perfect. It set their wedding apart in so many ways. Combine all of that with the BEST (and I mean THE. BEST.) family and friends we have EVER had the pleasure of hanging with for a wedding weekend. Are you kidding? It was a dream for us. A complete dream. They left such a wonderful mark on our hearts as we departed the island.

I could turn this into a book, yall. We just love them. Watch this one, friends.