January 14, 2018

The Deep and Profound Love of Heather + Jeremy

“… love that’s deep and wide and fierce, it’s patient and kind, it keeps no record of wrong doing. That kind of love is rare and it’s hard to find.”

After posting the teaser, I feel as though lots of people are waiting to hear this story. There’s a lot I can say about Heather + Jeremy and this film and the process of editing this wedding, but you know, you just need to watch it. As Kaleb and I were reviewing the final cut, the last thing he said was “I feel like this is a really important film.” Heather + Jeremy’s story is so powerful. Their love is absolutely captivating and it was our goal for the strength of their love to jump off the screen. Their love is fierce and deep and wide and patient and kind…We see a LOT of love stories over here at KEJ and we can only agree the love Heather + Jeremy share is rare to see, and hard to find.