February 3, 2017

Hanna + John | Wedding Film

You know what I love about John and Hanna’s wedding day? It was about them. It wasn’t about flowers, or venue, or cake – although those things were great and they were beautiful, John and Hanna’s wedding was about John and Hanna. It was focused on their story, and the covenant they made to each other that beautiful November day.

We’ve known John and Hanna for a long time – in fact John was a guest at our very own wedding! So, it was particularly personal to us to get this exactly right. Their story is one of patience and that really challenged us during the edit of their film because we are NOT patient editors. hahahah. I joke with people all the time, if you blink while watching our films, you WILL miss a frame. We wanted this film to reflect their story not just in words, but in pacing, so you’ll notice that this film may feel a little different than some of our others. The pacing is intentional to reflect the journey of these two amazing people.