September 14, 2015

GWYN + CHRIS | Engagement Film


{EJ} Now that I’ve managed to stop giggling, maybe I can write about this engagement film! ūüėÄ

Kaleb +¬†I had such a great time shooting and editing Gwyn + Chris’ engagement film. When we started talking to them¬†about ideas, they mentioned filming at the Boardwalk. Although we¬†are¬†super familiar with the Disney area, having worked shows on just about every inch of Walt¬†Disney World property, we had yet to¬†film at Disney’s Boardwalk. So right off the bat, we were very¬†excited about it.

One of the things that thrills me about engagement films is you¬†can never¬†quite predict the exact tone of the¬†finished edit. Sure, you know you’ll film¬†two people in love, and they will (hopefully) be super gushy, yada yada yada…but as far as “feel,” we honestly never know what the finished product will be until we review the footage¬†and pick the music. While filming we¬†typically ask couples to simply be themselves. “Pretend like the camera isn’t even here and don’t look at the lens unless we ask you to.” Direction from us is minimal and we like it that way because the film should reflect who these¬†two individuals are.

After the early morning shoot at the Boardwalk (I’m talking¬†really early….like….sun rising early), we got home and started sifting through¬†the footage so we could pick the music. Gwyn + Chris are naturally very affectionate towards one another (and very in love) so we definitely got the good¬†“sweet + tender” footage. As we continued to watch, Kaleb +¬†I found ourselves cracking up¬†at the top¬†and tail¬†of each film take.¬†There¬†were all these¬†moments when Gwyn +¬†Chris had no idea our¬†cameras were still rolling, and these moments were¬†brilliant!¬†They were funny, nerdy, silly, and downright adorable¬†at the same time. It was undoubtedly “them”,¬†and from there we¬†decided to look for the quirkiest music we could find to match the fun of the footage we loved.

When we shared the finished edit with Gwyn + Chris, they said “OMG! We LOVE it…this is very US.” That, my friends, is the best compliment¬†any couple could¬†ever¬†give KEJ!