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01. How far out does KEJ book?

We book weddings up to 18 months in advance. Most brides will secure us within one year to 9 months of their wedding date. If your wedding is around the corner however, still reach out. There's a chance we have space in our calendar.

02. How many weddings do you accept a year?

This continues to evolve each year, however on average we film about 16 weddings a year. We limit the number of weddings we film so each couple has our full attention and service. Editing at KEJ is a collaborative and detailed process and we intentionally keep this number low so we can continue to edit exclusively in house and give each story the attention it deserves.

03. Do you offer both videography and photography?

KEJ specializes in videography exclusively, however we have phenomenal, well trusted photographers we work with often. We will be happy to provide recommendations dependent on your style preferences and budget.

04. Where are you based? Will you travel for weddings?

We are based in Colorado however travel is our love language. Filmmaking has taken us all over the world - New Zealand, Guatemala, Italy, Scotland (to name a few) and all over the US. We’re always down to get on a plane.

05. How much can I expect to spend?

Wedding commissions start at $12500 locally. Please inquire for availability and pricing.

06. What is your turnaround time?

We deliver full wedding collections (highlight film & a la carte films) within 90 days.

07. Do we get RAW footage?

RAW? No. It’s unwatchable. We exclusively offer KEJ Legacy Footage - a film you'll actually watch. Ask us about it.

08. Do you edit in house?

Absolutely. We do not outsource ANY editing.

09. How do you choose music?

We're all musicians at KEJ but music choice starts with you and what you like! We listen to ALL TYPES of music and often spend days listening to playlists our couples have curated for us or playlists from sites we often license from. We're open to suggestion and pay close attention to the song choices at your wedding. Ultimately we choose the final soundtrack for your film because music choice is crucial to pacing, feel, and overall vibe of your wedding film. This search sometimes takes hours - it often takes DAYS. We have chosen the soundtrack for 100% of KEJ films and so far we have 100% satisfaction rate!

10. Will you pose us?

Very rarely. We're much more concerned with facilitating an environment where you can have authentic exchanges with your family, friends, and spouse. If you need help and don’t know where to put your hands, yes we will position you, haha. However, we must admit, some of our favorite moments caught on film have been the so called "awkward" ones. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

11. Do you have a drone?

Yes. Kaleb is our certified pilot. If there’s an opportunity for him to fly, he most definitely will barring venue restrictions, weather, and aerial restrictions.

12. How do we secure our date?

We require a 50% non-refundable retainer to lock in your date on our calendar. The balance is then due 30 days prior to the wedding. We are able to customize payment schedules to make it a little easier to track as well.

13. What gear do you use? Is it bulky?

Our kit is purposely small as to remain discrete and un-obtrusive to the wedding day. It's your wedding after all, not a film set! In regards to camera gear, we are a Sony house! Check out our kit page under "Education" if you really want to nerd out with us about gear.

14. Will I meet you before the wedding?

YES. Please, let's Facetime, Zoom, whatever the cool kids are doing these days. We've walked into a hand full of weddings blind and friends, it's awkward. I mean, we will make the best of it and put you at ease as soon as possible but really, we try to avoid that. Your wedding day is just a strange time for introductions. Let's make that happen prior to. Even if it's a simple phone call the week of.

15. Can I get my films on DVD?

We're most definitely sure you can, but noooooot at KEJ. *SMILE* We've stepped into the digital age and deliver all wedding collections online. We do have a few custom delivery options - usb stick, gift packages, and the like. Ask us about it!