February 27, 2019

Emily + Juan – Princeton Sweethearts at Cypress Grove Estate House

Emily finished reading her letter aloud and as we were both regaining our composure and wiping tears from our cheeks she said “Can I read the 2nd paragraph again? I got a little choked up.” “ABSOLUTELY,” I replied, “but you must know I’m DEFINITELY using this take.” She thought it was funny. But seriously Emily, I used the first take. While I’ll never feel those unique wedding “jitters” again, now multiple years on the other side of marriage, I get to remember it every time I share in that quiet contemplative space between bride suite and aisle and let me tell you…it’s amazing.

Having met each other at Princeton, it’s no shock Emily & Juan are two of the brightest people Kaleb and I have ever met. They’re kind, eager to know you and the type of couple we’d want to spend a lazy Saturday with, drinking a few brews and enjoying many laughs. Their wedding day was emotional, joyous, and celebratory. This edit came together so easily and was such a joy for us because the many group texts leading up to their wedding day and after. It was honestly a bit sad when we finally sent their film, but know our friendship will continue.

Special thanks to Sunglow Photography for the amazing partnership, along with Blush by Brandee Gaar. It’s always a great day at Cypress Grove Estate House.