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Established in 2015, KEJ has swiftly navigated the world of filmmaking, taking us across the US and to four different continents. In this brief period, we’ve embraced the freedom of flexible schedules and achieved financial goals we never anticipated at this stage in our lives. Yet, with these accomplishments came a significant amount of work, learning, guidance, and challenging lessons.

How does one build a thriving business that serves both clients and home life? Is achieving work-life balance possible? Transforming a hobby into a sustainable business—how does one navigate that journey? Working alongside your spouse and maintaining healthy boundaries between business and home life presents its own set of challenges. As self-taught filmmakers, our journey involved not only business education but also delving into the realms of gear and theory. What are the best practices and rules of filmmaking? Which lens suits which scenario?

For those who’ve explored our about us page, you’re aware of our gear enthusiasm, rooted in over 15 years of experience in the large-scale live events and entertainment industry before we even picked up a camera. So, in addition to discussing business philosophy, we’re more than excited to engage in conversations about workflow, editing, storytelling, cameras, lenses, picture profiles, color grading, audio mixing, troubleshooting—anything you can think of. We thrive on those details and would be honored to be part of your filmmaking journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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