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In addition to weddings and commercial filmmaking, some of our deepest joys are found in educating, teaching, learning, and connecting with our local and abroad filmmaking community.


“Nothing will work unless you do.” - Maya Angelou

If you put in the work, you’ll go to the next level, however sometimes it’s not as simple as just working through the night. You need to work intently. You need to work smart. And often, you need to work with people that have gone before you. We founded KEJ in 2015 and in that short time filmmaking has taken us around the US and to 4 different continents. We’ve found freedom in schedule flexibility and have realized financial dreams we never intended on reaching in this season of life. With these accomplishments, however, came a lot of work, a lot of learning, a lot of council, and a lot of hard lessons. How do you build a thriving business that serves your client and serves your home? What is work-life balance and is it possible? How do you turn a hobby into a sustainable business? How do you work with your spouse and maintain healthy boundaries between business and home life? We are self taught filmmakers so along side the business education we also had to learn (you guessed it) GEAR and theory. What are best practices and rules of filmmaking? What lens should I use in what scenario? If you’ve spent any time poking around our about us page, you know we are gear nerds at heart having spent 15+ years in the large-scale live events and entertainment industry before even picking up a camera. So yes, in addition to business philosophy we will be happy and eager to talk all the fun details surrounding workflow, editing, storytelling, cameras, lenses, picture profiles, color grading, audio mixing, troubleshooting – you name it. We can’t get enough of that stuff. Please reach out. We would be honored to be part of your journey. MENTORING RATES Film Reviews by KEJ – $95 Submit your wedding film for review by the KEJ team. We film our first response to the film and you receive a video of our first reaction video along side a final video review where we provide specific notes and encouragement to you, the filmmaker! 2 hour In-person Mentoring Sessions – $600 Time can be extended at $200/hour 1.5 hour Virtual Mentoring Sessions – $450 • Time can be extended at $200/hour Extended Mentoring – 6 months to 1 Year – Starting at $1800 It’s time to write down the plan. We will develop a custom plan based on what you want to accomplish for your business along with check points and due dates so you’re held accountable and reach those goal(s). A 2 hour virtual meeting every 3 months to track progress and realign goals.  

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