December 3, 2018

Rose + Dean’s Disney Cruise Wedding – Next Day Highlight Film

Rose + Dean’s Disney Cruise Line wedding marked our last travel date of the year and we couldn’t have been more honored to share it with these two fellow wedding photographers and videographers. We shared many laughs, nerdy jokes, and tears, soooo many beautiful tears during their cruise wedding experience with 20 of their closest friends and family.
After debarking, we swiftly began editing, creating this small highlight of their wedding cruise experience for their big reception in Orlando just 30 hours later. Did we sleep the two-ish days after debarking the Disney Dream? We’re still trying to figure that out. lol. But how worth it to watch our two friends watch this film for the first time at their reception. It’s something we will never forget.

So for those that couldn’t join us on the cruise, here’s a small taste of their amazing wedding experience. So much more coming, including another highlight film of these two. If you’d like to see their reactions to viewing their film, check out the video on Youtube here –>