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Our Story

KEJ's journey began in the expansive event and production industry. Originally meeting as audio engineers in production management, Kaleb & Elaine Jiminez tied the knot in 2012. Just three years later, fueled by their shared passion and innate talent for film, they founded KEJ. Their signature style is characterized by its narrative focus, honesty, humanity, musicality, and emotional depth, all elegantly wrapped in an editorial feel. Acknowledged as Top Videographers in the World by Harpers Bazaar, Kaleb & Elaine have traversed the globe, capturing premium events on over 4 continents. KEJ's passion and talent deliver a unique and memorable experience for couples, emphasizing heritage, culture, and legacy. Specializing in multi-day wedding experiences, they strive to create intimate portraits that become cherished heirloom films, revisited by family and friends for generations. Their unique body of work continues to make a lasting impact on every story they have the privilege to tell.


Elaine, an Emmy Award-winning technician and distinguished graduate of Berklee College of Music, holds a dual degree in Music Production & Engineering and Music Business/Management. Her musical journey began at the age of five with classical piano studies, shaping the foundation of her career. From collaborating with Grammy-winning artists on major record labels to crafting audio for globally recognized theme parks and cruise lines, Elaine is a highly accomplished engineer and storyteller.

As KEJ’s primary editor, Elaine brings an extraordinary ability to weave stories infused with emotion, meticulous detail, and purpose. With a heart full of empathy, she often shares genuine moments of joy, excitement, and happy tears with couples throughout their wedding event. A truly unique artist, Elaine’s talent is unparalleled, making her a rare gem in her field. You’ll be challenged to find a skill set like hers elsewhere.

I proudly present my chosen KEJ film titled "50 Years." In many ways, this holds a profound significance as one of the most crucial films I've ever crafted. It carries a deeply personal weight as it features my parents, remarkable individuals, who for me and now the world, embody the incredible journey that marriage is – truly awesome and undeniably worth it.

•Favorite movie: Inception. Intersteller. The Prestige. I've been on a Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer kick for 6 years
•Favorite cocktail: gin and tonic, extra lime
•Coffee order: black americano or almond milk honey flat white
•Favorite vacation: New Zealand
•Favorite splurge: Classic vintage purses


In the adage “Lubbock or leave it,” Kaleb chose the latter. Embarking on a new chapter in Orlando, FL at the tender age of 17, this budding musician discovered a passion for making music sound beautiful that rivaled his love for playing it. Kaleb’s career defies a singular path, having had the privilege of collaborating with renowned artists such as Garth Brooks, Tricia Yearwood, Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Pink, and many more. His professional journey has taken him to international stages, including the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast and a USO Tour through the Middle East and Africa.

The secret to Kaleb’s impressive accomplishments in such a short time lies in his exceptional work ethic and unwavering optimism. Kaleb serves as the adventurous spirit within KEJ, embodying the role of a creative director who constantly seeks new avenues of storytelling. A true friend and ally, especially when facing significant challenges, he is the motivating force that propels individuals toward their greatness. Kaleb is known for pushing others towards their full potential, even at the expense of his own aspirations.

The KEJ film I've chosen is titled "An Epic European Road Trip," chronicling a motorhome adventure from last summer. Reflecting on this journey, my mom reminded me of my childhood proclamation that I was destined to be a traveler. Whether through my touring career or as a filmmaker exploring the world, that youthful dream remains a guiding force. It's clear to me now that I was born to both create and traverse the globe.

•Favorite movie: This is hard. I love any period film, but as of late, any film directed by Taika Waititi.

•Favorite cocktail: I once received 5 bottles of whisky for my birthday, so I think it’s whisky.
•Coffee order: Strong, black, and beautiful like my wife.

•Favorite vacation: New Zealand or Thailand

•Favorite splurge: Scotch.


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