April 27, 2016

KEJ’s 1st YEAR!

- - - - -

{KJ} We had an incredible 1st year.

When Elaine + I started this business, I don’t think we quite knew what to expect or all that we were in for. We can honestly say, this is the greatest adventure we have been on together. Our faith has been challenged in ways we never imagined, and God has proven Himself faithful…as always. All our expectations have been surpassed. We continue to be grateful for the relationships formed between our clients (aka friends) and professionals in the events industry. Really, it’s overwhelming to think about. It’s been so good….so good you guys. And to think, this all started with a GoPro that my dear wife didn’t really want me to buy! 😀

Enjoy this look back. Drones to come in the future……don’t tell wife….:blank stare:….she might actually be okay with it after the GoPro thing. 😀