Welcome to KEJ, a bespoke cinema company with roots in Colorado and Florida, dedicated to serving a global clientele since 2015. Established by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Kaleb & Elaine Jiminez, our distinctive style is narrative-focused, genuine, authentic, musical, emotionally resonant, wrapped in an editorial feel. Recognized as Top Videographers in the World by Harpers Bazaar and Over the Moon, our lens has captured premium events across five continents, spotlighting rich heritage, jubilation, and enduring legacies. We take pride in extending our services to accomplished musicians, professional athletes, actors, business leaders, and artists, infusing their narratives with our unique storytelling voice. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to hear and bring to life your cherished story.

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Named A Top Wedding Videographer in the World by Harper's BAZAAR.


As seen in VOGUE, People, Harper's BAZAAR, Brides, & More...

Your wedding is not a movie set and we treat it with the utmost respect. We discreetly capture the essence of the weekend, preserving not only its visual beauty but also the emotions it evokes. With founders boasting over 20 years of event experience each, our team comprises talented and award-winning professionals who are dedicated storytellers. We prioritize creating a joyful, secure, and laid-back atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests.

We take pride in our in-house approach. Unlike most videography companies do not outsource any editing or post-production. Your precious footage is securely housed within our studio and exclusively edited by our Emmy award-winning technician and Master Editor, Elaine. Each film is then intentionally curated with the perfect soundtrack chosen to reflect your unique personality and story. Our DP and Creative Director, Kaleb, then meticulously refines and masters the film ensuring a final product that captures the soul of your event.

The personal touch in our films is intentional. If you sense a genuine connection with the couple after watching, it's because you truly do.