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We are Kaleb + Elaine – husband + wife duo specializing in storytelling event, life, and wedding videography. KEJ started with a GoPro and a dream anniversary trip to Thailand. After a couple friends viewed our vacation video, they asked us to film their wedding and well, that was the start of this grand adventure. We filmed our first wedding in March of 2015 and it’s been a whirlwind of a ride since. We didn’t quite know what we were getting into – we only knew that we loved the raw emotion, beauty, and butterflies that come with wedding cinematography.

No two stories are alike, and neither are our films. We aim to know our couples and their story intimately before the wedding day so we can completely reflect the individuality of who they are and the people around them in film.  We’ve done some pretty cool things with our careers, but this is without question the most rewarding and satisfying work we’ve ever done. Explore our work on our blog and be sure to reach out on our contact page. We would be honored to help tell your story.


We’ve had so many people ask us this that we figured we should add it to the website! We met in 2008. Our love story grew out of an extremely platonic work relationship at EPCOT Disney World. We met mixing rock bands together at the main stage, and after a couple of months of hanging out we realized we really enjoyed each others company. Elaine turned Kaleb down twice and even broke up with him after two weeks of dating because she enjoyed their friendship and hated the thought of ruining that. (Yea, that makes sense. ha) But after time and a lot of prayer, we realized we had something really unique and really special. We never had the awkward stage where you’re wondering if something’s in your teeth or if sushi is a good or bad 1st date meal. We were best friends at the start and are best friends now.

When we’re not filming weddings, we can be found filming at our church home, or filming our vacations. Yea, we’re nuts. We really love what we do and hardly ever set a camera down. The video below is a little behind the scenes of KEJ.


My Kaleb is an INSANELY gifted man. He’s one of those individuals that can pick up anything and master it. My husband is an award winning international touring engineer and production manager. He has traveled all over the world working alongside grammy award winning artists, corporate leaders, and even the President of the United States! His favorite condiment is sriracha…He’ll eat anything with that stuff on it. I am inspired daily by his love for God and love for people. He is the funniest friend I have. I know every girl thinks their man is funny, but mine really is…like, he’s REALLY funny. Clearly, I’m happy to call him mine.



My wife is not only an amazing cook, but an Emmy Award winning technician and honor graduate of Berklee College of Music. As you could have guessed, she is a monster musician, having performed piano since age five! From working with artists on major record labels, to designing theme park audio, she’s an incredibly talented engineer and KEJ’s primary film editor. My wife cries at every single wedding we film…EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. She’s passionate about love and storytelling. You’re instantly Elaine’s best friend if you gift her french fries. Or tater tots. Or pasta…I’ve learned she prefers salty snacks over flowers any day. 😀 #lovelanguage I love living life with her.


**photos by Gian Carlo Photography