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{EJ} I couldn’t help but  “aw” my way through this edit. A couple weeks ago Kaleb + I spent an afternoon with Abilgail + TJ, and their two beautiful boys. We had such a great time filming them that afternoon. It was so natural and relaxed.

I love how engaged Malachi is with his little brother Monroe. I must note here that NONE of this interaction was prompted on the shoot. On one particular occasion, I paused the film to adjust a few things and noticed Malachi run over to Monroe. Candid and natural interaction always reads best on film so I immediately lifted the camera off the tripod, switched back into record, and found myself crawling on the floor to capture Malachi’s interaction. I loved this moment because he could care less that there was a camera in his face! He was so engaged, so immersed in entertaining little Monroe, and that clearly reads on the film. 🙂

Enjoy this family portrait of The Lukes!


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