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Michelle and Nino. We LOVE this couple.

We first met Michelle and Nino in 2012. Kaleb and I were newly married, we just moved into our new place in Downtown Orlando, and we were sitting on our front porch totally exhausted and worn out from our move. Our neighbors across the street were clearly having a party. It sounded fun, but all our belongings were still in boxes and neither had an ounce of motivation to unpack let alone meet new people.

“…should we crash and introduce ourselves?” Kaleb says.

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” I mutter. As the word “exhausted” finishes on my lips, a very pretty, energetic, blond emerges from the party.

“HEY! ARE YOU OUR NEW NEIGHBORS?!” she yells from across the street.

“HEY!” Kaleb yells back. He finds yelling conversations humorous.

She quickly runs across the street. She is so friendly and so eager to meet us, I can’t help but crack a smile. “Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m Michelle! We have a bunch of neighborhood friends at the house. You guys totally have to come over and meet everyone. Tons of people are over.”

Before Kaleb could even answer I respond “oh, we’re soooo tired.”
“Noooo, no, no!” Michelle insists “You HAVE to come over. You at least have to meet Nino, you have to meet my man!”
“I insist! You at least have to meet my man!”
“Okay,” Kaleb bends. As we make the short walk across the street, I eye Kaleb and give him the 20 minute limit signal. As in, we’re staying for 20 minutes and politely leaving.

Michelle leads us by the hand into their welcoming backyard. When she said the whole street was over she was serious. I’m quite sure we met at least half of the neighborhood!

The minute I met Nino, every insecurity I had about living downtown erased at that moment. At the time, Kaleb was still touring heavily and I had some reservations about being alone in a neighborhood I wasn’t familiar with. Nino reminds me of that uncle everyone wants on their block. Not only is he one of the coolest guys we know, he’s super funny, and really cares for people, and he looks out for his neighbors.

Instead of 20 minutes, we ended up staying at that party for hours that evening and had the time of our lives. Till this day it’s one of our fondest memories of our friendship with Nino and Michelle. They are two of the most down to earth and caring individuals we know. Lake Eola was the perfect setting for their nuptials. They were surrounded by a community that loves them dearly. It brought us so much joy capturing their ceremony and a tear of two may have been shed while editing this video. 🙂 They are a perfect pair for each other and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

Venue: Lake Eola Park
Videography: KEJ Productions
Ceremony Audio: KEJ Productions
Photography: Magnolia & Magpie
Flowers: Kelly Shannon Floral


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