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On a recent trip to Nashville, TN, KEJ Productions spend a day filming a “how it’s made” with owner and creator of Hunker Bag Co., Denton Hunker. Hunker Bag Co. features amazing hand crafted leather and canvas goods. Every bag ordered is patterned, cut, sewn, and assembled by Denton himself in his Nashville studio. It was quite remarkable having the opportunity to film this process. I mean, how often do you get to observe a craftsman cut from a full leather hide?! We were blown away not just by the process, but by the quality of the goods as well. The stitching, the feel of the leather – it is top quality. The current Hunker Bag collection features about 10 bags and I could seriously take one of each. Seriously! But if I had to pick favorites they would be the 3 Day Weekender, The Piper, The Cocktail Clutch, and Duffel No. 1. (See, I can’t even pick one!) So take a visit over to Hunker Bag Co. and purchase your favorite bags. We know from the filming, you receive a one of a kind item that’s made for you.


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