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Kaleb is a huge fan of classic cars. In his words, “there’s just something about American Muscle and a steel body.” So when KEJ received the call to film a beautifully restored Chevy Impala as a bumper film for a new sermon series at Faith Assembly, Kaleb jumped at the chance.  We learned tons about this car’s history. It’s been in several period films and has won multiple awards for best in show. On any shoot outdoors, you can rarely predict weather. We assumed that when rain rolled on this particular day, filming would end or at least pause. To our surpise, the owner allowed his car to get sprinkled on despite the lacquer based paint. This allowed for some beautiful shots of him caring for his car.

We thoroughly enjoyed filming this car. Special thanks to Jonathan Perez at Faith Assembly for the edit and the Impala owner, Art Piler.


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