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The wedding of Beth + Bryant

The phrase “Mom knows best” takes a whole new meaning with Beth & Bryant’s love story because the moms actually set this two up! Yes, you read that correctly. Beth and Bryant’s respective moms had a mutual friend that thought they would be a good pair, and that was the start of history for these two. Although their first date was simply beers and football, they both knew it would be the last “1st date” they would ever go on.


Erika + Michael | St. Augustine Wedding

Erika & Michael…First of all, is this not the most beautiful couple you’ve ever seen?! I mean, really! There are so many wonderful things we can say about Erika & Michael. They traveled from New York to wed in the historic and beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. They brought with them guests from all over the world.


Madeline + Brandon | Young Love & Letters

It was only fit for Madeline & Brandon to read love letters to each other for their wedding day. These lovers spent a full two years apart while Brandon was on mission, in which their only form of communication was letters – hundreds of them…
This wedding was truly a magical day and such an honor for us to capture – from their beautiful portrait time, to the rowdy friends in the reception, to the grandparents dancing circles around the young folk. It was a complete blast. The night also contained one of the biggest surprises we’ve ever caught on film. For a moment, we thought Madeline was going to pass out! She was shocked beyond belief! It was the surprise of a lifetime.


Kelly + Ben | Romantic Cypress Grove Wedding

There was only one way to start this film.

Ben’s reaction to Kelly walking down the aisle was probably our favorite of the season. Not for the simple fact that he was emotional, though that is beautiful enough – but you can see in his eyes, his breath, his vulnerability, the deep and profound love he has for Kelly.


Mallory + Joe | Glamorous Waldorf Wedding

We LOVED Mallory + Joe’s wedding day. LOVED. We affectionately called their wedding the “little big wedding” because it encompassed a big design in an intimate setting.


Sia + Nick | Luxmore Grand Estate

We kicked off our wedding season with Sia + Nick and you guys, we couldn’t have asked for two greater people to start the season with. They are two kind hearted, travel happy, super stylish, down to earth humans with huge hearts for their family and friends.


Laura & Zack | Mission Inn Resort

Laura was an absolutely gorgeous bride, and it’s no surprise Zack lost his composure as she walked down the aisle. Laura + Zack’s wedding day was filled with love, laughter, and celebration.


Carlyn + Matt | Sydonie Mansion

We’re sending you into the week with Carlyn & Matt’s chic garden nuptials at Sydonie Mansion. Matt & Carlyn’s wedding day was truly a family affair and everyone, whether blood relative or not, left feeling like family.


Mackenzie & Justin | Bella Collina

What an incredible pleasure it was to serve this amazing family! Despite rain and the threat of tornados, nothing could pull the joy away from MacKenzie & Justin’s wedding day. MacKenzie surprised Justin’s son, Anthony, with the most beautiful vows and a ring of his own. Grab a box of tissues and enjoy the story of this beautiful union!


Erin + Nate | Mr. & Mrs. Saks

Erin + Nate’s wedding day truly celebrated the union of not only two people, but of two families. It was such an honor to not only attend, but to film this incredible occasion.

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